5 Reasons to Try Electronic Cigarettes Today Part 1

Are you a smoker who has wondered, “Is there something better than a traditional cigarette?” At first glance, this question may seem rather silly, but it is not. Despite what you might believe there is an alternative to cigarettes that are not chewing tobacco and cigars. What is that alternative? It is electronic cigarettes, which are also commonly sold and marketed as smokeless electronic cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Continue reading on for five reasons why you should try them today!

1 – No Harm to Others

Cigarettes are well known for their danger, which includes secondhand smoke. Electronic cigarettes do not send out smoke (thus the smokeless name). What they do emit is a harmless water vapor that is used to simulate the actual feel of smoking a traditional cigarette.

When nicotine cartridges are inserted in each smoking device, you still inhale the vaporized nicotine but the rest of the smoking act is just a simulation. This means no harmful smoke for you, and no secondhand smoke for those around you. Whether you are always concerned about others or if you are a parent, you get that added comfort in knowing that you can still get your nicotine fix without harming others.

2 – Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes are Legal

As you know, many businesses and communities around the world have imposed smoking bans. This is because of the secondhand smoke dangers. Community leaders and business owners believe non-smokers should not have their health compromised; after all they decided not to smoke. This is not a problem with e-cigarettes (remember no harmful vapors are emitted from each device). Since they are legal, you can get around many smoking bans. The only thing is that these electronic devices are relatively new. You may have to explain to a few people that they are different from cigarettes and explain why they do not fall under smoking bans.