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E-Cigarettes: Better Than Smoking?

What are e liquid cigarettes? It is an electronic cigarette which is actually looks like a vaporizer. The difference between an old-fashioned cigarette and an e liquid cigarette is that it is powered by a battery which also then in turn provides the smoker doses of nicotine through vaporized solution.

The Cigarette is one tough habit to beat. There are shocking facts about cigarette smoking and all these are related to health and the environment. It is a fact that about one-third of the male population all over the globe is smokers. Cigarette smokers nowadays start young. According to 2017 statistics, teenagers raging from 13-15 years old are about the average age the young start to develop the bad habit. Aside from all these, smokers and non-smokers alike are generally affected by smoking.

Second-hand smokers or people who get to inhale smoke from smokers are also affected.

The environment too is at greater stake. Although smokes from cigarettes are too micro to even cause big threats to the environment, it still adds up to the degradation of our ozone layer. Then there are the other industrial technologies which completely make a big impact to the environment.

What else can we then do?

A lot of people seem to be using e cigarette liquid now because of the following reasons:

  1. NO STUBS, NO ASH: Unlike the regular cigarettes or tobacco which has stubs and ash, an e liquid cigarette does not have any. This means less pollution to the environment and especially the air.
  2. FLAVORS. If you have heard of what others call seisha, then e liquid cigarette is a mini version of that. It actually works the same way. The only great thing here is that the electronic cigars actually have flavors to offer! A lot of flavors in fact are kind of endless. It is fun and it smells good!
  3. CAN HELP YOU QUIT SMOKING. There are actually advertisements which specifically state that e-cigarette liquid can help a person quit smoking. Another flavor if you will is inserted in the tube so that the smoker feels somewhat disgusted to smoke more.
  4. LESS HARMFUL SMOKE HELPS ENVIRONMENT. Since the actual cigarettes are really burnt tobacco leaves, and e liquid cigarettes are just vapor, we can therefore conclude that it is helpful not only to the environment but also to the person smoking the cigarette. Strange as it may sound but less smoke, more vapors means less damage to the body. Also, e liquid cigarette contains controlled amount of nicotine so one may choose an e cigarette without any nicotine at all. The good thing is that it is just a device for those who want to kick off the habit.

For a person who wants the kick of the cigarette without actually the harmful effects then e-cigs and e cigarette liquid is the answer for that problem. Technology answers to our whims and wants.…

5 Reasons to Try Electronic Cigarettes Today Part 1

Are you a smoker who has wondered, “Is there something better than a traditional cigarette?” At first glance, this question may seem rather silly, but it is not. Despite what you might believe there is an alternative to cigarettes that are not chewing tobacco and cigars. What is that alternative? It is electronic cigarettes, which are also commonly sold and marketed as smokeless electronic cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Continue reading on for five reasons why you should try them today!

1 – No Harm to Others

Cigarettes are well known for their danger, which includes secondhand smoke. Electronic cigarettes do not send out smoke (thus the smokeless name). What they do emit is a harmless water vapor that is used to simulate the actual feel of smoking a traditional cigarette.

When nicotine cartridges are inserted in each smoking device, you still inhale the vaporized nicotine but the rest of the smoking act is just a simulation. This means no harmful smoke for you, and no secondhand smoke for those around you. Whether you are always concerned about others or if you are a parent, you get that added comfort in knowing that you can still get your nicotine fix without harming others.

2 – Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes are Legal

As you know, many businesses and communities around the world have imposed smoking bans. This is because of the secondhand smoke dangers. Community leaders and business owners believe non-smokers should not have their health compromised; after all they decided not to smoke. This is not a problem with e-cigarettes (remember no harmful vapors are emitted from each device). Since they are legal, you can get around many smoking bans. The only thing is that these electronic devices are relatively new. You may have to explain to a few people that they are different from cigarettes and explain why they do not fall under smoking bans.…

Reasons to Try Electronic Cigarettes Today – Part 2

One common fact is that non-smokers can smell a smoker from a mile away. Since smokeless devices do not emit any harmful vapors, there is virtually no smell. This means non-smokers will not be able to tell you are a smoker by your clothes or your home; there is no “awful smoking” scent. Many smokers get a bad rep just because; now people won’t know that you are a smoker, unless you tell them, because you won’t smell any different nor will your home.

4 – E-Cigarettes are Cheaper

Perhaps the greatest benefit of smokeless electronic cigarettes is the money you save over time. It is widely known that smoking is an expensive habit. In the United States, a few states have overloaded cigarettes with taxes so much, that you could pay as much as $6 or $7 for just one pack! With e-cigarettes, there is a onetime purchase of a starter kit. After that, all you need to buy is nicotine cartridges. On average, these cartridges equal about two packs of cigarettes.

The amount you save with smokeless devices depends on how much you pay for a pack of cigarettes. The more you pay, the more you save. On average, most smokers can save up to $2,000 by making the switch to electronic cigarettes.

5 – Wean Yourself from Smoking

Now, electronic cigarettes are not marketing as a stop smoking device, but they can help you do just that. When you buy your nicotine cartridges, you can choose from varying nicotine levels all the way down to zero. Should you wish to stop smoking, the best approach isn’t go stop cold turkey but to wean yourself instead. With smokeless electronic cigarettes just reduce the amount of nicotine you order in each cartridge. Pretty soon your body will become less dependent on it until it no longer needs the nicotine.…